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30-Jan, 24

Blush Pink Mimosa

The Four Sisters' ladies came together to create our very own Four Sisters' signature cocktail using our Prosecco.

Introducing our 'Blush Pink Mimosa'. Give it a try Sisters, you won't be disappointed. 


1 cup of pink lemonade (or traditional lemonade)

2 cups Four Sisters Prosecco

Fresh raspberries and strawberries

Lemon or lime slices

Mint to garnish (optional)

Makes 4 cocktails



Step 1:  Pour your pink lemonade into a large jug.

Step 2:  Top up with Four Sisters Prosecco.

Step 3:  Add your fresh raspberries, strawberries and a slice of lemon or lime.

Step 4:  Pour into 4 champagne flutes. 

Step 4:  Pop some fresh mint into each glass and serve! 


Tip: Adjust the ratio of the lemonade or Prosecco to suit your taste. 

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18-Feb, 24

Lessons For A Working Mum

Being a mum is the most rewarding thing in my world…but it’s also the MOST challenging thing.

For many years I was very focused on my career, so I always knew that when I had my kids I wanted to be able to do both…. continue working and growing my career & also be there for my kids.

It’s not quite as easy as it sounds…Here’s the six lessons I’ve learnt along the way….

1. The Guilt NEVER Stops

Something happens the moment you become pregnant, you enter the world of “mum-guilt.” It doesn’t go away…ever…. but talking to other mums (the like-minded ones not the super-mum kind) and putting things into perspective does help. I just accept the guilt now, even joke about it. I’ve learnt not to compare and do what’s right for me & my inner sanctum.

Working Mum

2. Quality over Quantity

I used to find it so tough not being able to be there for every milestone or event…. missing school events because I was travelling for work or in the office..…But I’ve since learnt that these moments are not what matters. The moments the kids remember are the intentional moments, the moments, I’m genuinely present with them.

I make it a habit to spend quality one-on-one time with my girls where all devices (including my mobile) get put away and I’m fully present and in the moment with them. These are moments we both remember!!

3. Go for Happy, Not Perfect

I learnt pretty quick that dropping my “display home” standard & gourmet meals cooked from scratch was a must for my sanity and those around me. We’ve mastered quick, healthy meals for during the week (of which we all help out to prepare, including my 13-year-old) and the house is tidy enough....just don’t look too closely.

4. Set Boundaries….it’s ok to say No

How many times have we heard this?!

This one took me some time, as a “previous people-pleaser” & all-round high achiever…but now before answering I remind myself that by saying yes to something or someone, what or who am I’m saying no to. This has made it easier for me to say no more often…and not feel bad about it!

5. Find your people….the like-minded ones…

The best friendships are the ones that understand you….my closest and most trusted friends understand that I may not check in with them every day or even every week given some days I’m struggling to keep my head above water between family commitments and work but I know they’re always a phone call anyway if I need them & they know that I’m always a phone call away if they need me too!!

6. Take Time Out

We can’t do it all & there’s no use trying…., like many mums, I learnt the hard way.

Eat well, exercise and rest…. and taking some me-time to do whatever recharges your batteries (for me it’s quiet time to read & getting some daily exercise in) …. I know that I’m the best version of me when I get this time for myself, so I try really hard to do so. It’s not possible every day but I’m getting better at making it more of a priority.

Working Mum

7. Communication is King

I’m lucky to have an incredible partner, who supports and shares the load. The key to what makes us work is open communication at all times. He can’t read my mind, so rather than expect him to (and get grumpy when he doesn’t), I let him know what I’m thinking and where I need his support & he does the same with me!

- Mel

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